Hello and welcome to my brand new site! I wanted to create a special place to post about my youtube channel, to talk about things that I maybe don’t have time to put into my videos and to keep a calendar of projects I’m working on as well as a good place for you to contact me. Let me know what you think of the site and what you’d like to see me add! Keep in mind I plan to keep this site 100% safe for work to match my YouTube and Instagram!

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    1. Goddes Joules says:



    1. Goddes Joules says:

      Copy of what? What are you trying to say?


  1. Vlady Copeland says:

    Typo. Not List. My Lust


  2. Vlady Copeland says:

    I’m falling for and have been since January when I was on a live chat… I’m in a relationship but you are talking control of my list.. It’s an amazing feeling…
    I’ll be sending a tribute tomorrow..


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