Finding the Perfect Gift on Fiverr Challenge – Joules Opia vs Miss Bat

My friend Miss Bat and I have a competition to see who can get the other person the better gift on Fiverr for under $25. Who do you think bought the better gifts?

See the video here!

Check out Miss Bat’s video here:

The concept for this clip was much more relevant when I first came up with it and started working on it back in December. Trying to collaborate with another person on a project this complicated took much longer than I anticipated, not to mention time it has to be filmed by both of us in two parts AND we have to wait for the Fiverr gifts themselves to arrive.

I had originally planned to coordinate the release of both mine and Miss Bat’s clips, but that didn’t end up happening. Miss Bat’s clip will be out soon, so subscribe to her channel now and get notified when it’s released!

Miss Bat’s Channel
Miss Bat’s Twitter



Old Man Steve


Jeff Wack’s Borrowed Artwork (thanks Jack)

That Duckhunt Guy

Pie (Cake)

That Dancing Girl

That Other Dancing Girl

Those Incredibly Close Friends
I couldn’t find them when I was filling this out. I think they left Fiverr?

Spraypainting a Greenscreen


Did I miss anyone?

#viralvideos #memes #Fiverr

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