Strange Sizzling Potsticker Positive Affirmations ASMR Whispers

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Welcome to strange affirmations
The affirmations are designed to make you feel
Positively strange, in the best way possible
The perfect way to blissfully break up
The monotony of your week

Potstickers taste good
People like potstickers
I can be a potsticker
I can be anything I want to be
I’m becoming that which I was always meant to be
I am choosing to be my best self

Sizzling sounds send tingles
Tingly sounds send sizzles
Silling tingles tickle sizzlers
I can become the potsticker I was always meant to be
I am hot and sizzling, just like a potsticker
People think I’m delicious
Everyone loves the way I taste

I am a friendship magnet
I attract positive, loving friends who like potstickers
I create powerful positive affirmations
I affirm affirmative affirmations
I am an affirmation
Everyday in every way
I am more affirmative
I am so grateful now that I am becoming a positive potsticker affirmations

Sizzling positive grateful gratitude
I am worthy of love
I am worthy of gratitude
I am worthy of affirmations
I am worthy of being a potsticker
I am confident
I am confident in my sizzleability
My inner vision is always clear and focused
I will remain confident and unaffected by the negative attitudes around me
I am a positive potsticker
I am a potsticker

I sizzle
I am sizzling
I am a sizzling potsticker

The above is the script I wrote up before recording the whispering, but I ad libbed about half the video.


#ASMR #affirmations #whispers

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